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About Us

As our journey to restore access to original birth certificates for adopted people continues, it inspires change with an eye to the future. STAR is pleased to announce that we are now a 501C4, a nonprofit social welfare organization formed to engage in political advocacy.

We are excited to announce the first STAR Board of Directors:

President: Connie Gray
Vice President: Marci Purcell
Treasurer/Secretary: Katy Perkins
Board Member at Large: Dawn Marie Williamson Scott
Board Member at Large: Rod Lind

Thank you. The Board of Directors looks forward to success in 2017!

Connie Gray
Connie GrayPresident
Connie Lynn Gray is a 5th Generation Texan by birth and founder of Texas Adoptee Rights. An adoptee, she had her own adoption file opened in 1976 and soon reconnected with her biological family. Ms. Gray became passionate about helping other adoptees discover their own genetic roots and was recognized with a national award in 2013 for her work as a Search Angel. Having served in the past as the Texas State Representative for the American Adoption Congress and as a board member for both Adoption Knowledge Affiliates and Adoptee Rights Coalition, she became politically active in 2011. After founding Texas Adoptee Rights in 2013, the organization championed for access legislation in 2015 and is working to pass SB329 in the 2017 legislative session. Regarded as an expert on Texas adoptions, she is on the speakers list for the Texas State Genealogy Society and available for presentations on “The History of Adoption In Texas.”
Marci Purcell
Marci PurcellVice-President
Marci is an adoptee who has been in a positive reunion with her biological family for over 26 years. She has a strong conviction that adoptees should not have to choose one family over another, but be able enjoy all families equally, as situations permit. Marci comes to us with over 25 years experience providing advocacy, initially for persons with communication disorders. Her professional career encompasses such pursuits as Residential Program Director for adults with disabilities, Behavior Communication Specialist for Deaf-blind individuals, and ASL Interpreter. She has spent the last decade working and volunteering as a technical writer, including as tech writer for STAR since 2014. Her past and current service on Adoption Knowledge Affiliates’ Board of Directors as president and current board member has been a good training ground for her current work on the STAR Board. She holds a BA in Psychology, is certified in Psychological First Aid, speaks multiple languages, and blogs at center-stripe when time permits. Marci is the proud twice recipient of the Presidential Service Award. To relax she owns and runs a small antiques business in Austin, TX. She finds her greatest joy with her family, as she and her husband do their best raising their three children.
Katy Perkins
Katy PerkinsTreasurer/Secretary
Katy is a Licensed Master Social Worker- Advanced Practitioner and has been a professional trainer for more than fifteen years on topics such as adoption, services for victims of crime, advance planning and end of life care decision making. She has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of American Adoption Congress and the Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources & Education. In private practice at Kingsman Consulting, LLC, Katy provides professional and community trainings about cultural competency and intersectionality, connects people separated from their families of origin with search resources and support, and education to individuals considering adopting. She is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers and serves on the NASW Dallas Chapter Steering Committee, and is a member of Adoption Knowledge Affiliates (AKA) and the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA). She is currently a Hospice Social Worker and Certified Advance Care Planning Facilitator, having previously worked at rape crisis centers coordinating prevention and educational programming. Katy is an adopted person who has been reunited with both her birth mother’s and birth father’s families for nearly 20 years. Katy and her husband Bryan live in Dallas, where she recently started the first Dallas chapter of AKA.
Rod Lind
Rod LindBoard Member at Large
Rod comes to STAR as an adoptee who recently united with several members of his birth family. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor with more than 20 years of experience in the mental health field. He holds a certification in medical hypnosis (CMH) from the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association and has Diplomate status in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (D-CEP) from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. He is currently a Board member of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association. Rod has a limited private practice helping adult adoptees to meet life’s challenges and to achieve their most desirable sense of self. Rod’s interest in the adoption field came after a colleague encouraged him to petition the court to have his birth records opened and then to search for members of his birth family. This is when he was introduced to AKA and it was through AKA (Connie Gray) that he was able to unite with members of his birth family. AKA has been invaluable in facilitating his understanding of and coming to terms with adoption. Rod also serves on the AKA Board. In 2010 he and his wife moved to Austin where the families of their two children reside. In 2012 they moved to Cedar Park. They enjoy taking advantage of the many points of interest in the area as well as the artistic venues when possible.
Dawn Scott
Dawn ScottBoard Member at Large
Dawn is a proud Adoptive Parent learning from her daughter, Ava Marie on a daily basis. Educated at the University of California Berkeley and San Jose State University, her studies in Rhetoric and Art History prepared her perfectly to be the Chief Bedtime Storyteller and Curator of endless original works in crayon, chalk and watercolor. She has been an active member of Beta Sigma Phi International for over 25 years, serving on a number of chapter and city council boards. Dawn is also a member the National Association of Professional Women and she is a business owner, managing a team of consultants with Beautycounter, a direct retail brand of personal care and cosmetics made safe from toxic chemicals. Prior to relocating to Texas, Dawn was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked in the wine and restaurant industries for several years, before transferring her sales, marketing and training skills to the telecom arena in Dallas. Following the challenges of infertility, Dawn was led to AKA after moving to Austin, and immediately connected with the resources and support needed to undertake the journey to build a family through adoption. Dawn joined the Board of Directors in 2008, and has since served two terms as President, giving back to the organization she believes has played a critical role in shaping her awareness and understanding of the complex issues and interactions between triad members. The education she has received through involvement with AKA is priceless and ongoing.