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Call Your Legislators

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Tell Your Senator & Representative to Support Access to Original Birth Certificates for Adult Adoptees

Sample Language

Live in Texas? Were you adopted in Texas? We need YOUR HELP!

You can find out who your State Reps are here. Then click on their websites and get their contact information.

Or you can call the Texas state capitol and be connected with a friendly operator who will tell you WHO your state representative is and then connect you to their office! Call 512. 463.4630 and simply tell the operator you need to find out your Texas State Representative and then get the office’s number so you can call them later. Ask to be connected.

When you are connected to their office, get the name of the person you are speaking with and politely tell them:

” I am a constituent (you live in their district) or I am an interested party because (you were born in the district, adopted in the district, etc and the courts there control your access to your birth certificate, etc)”

“I am calling to ask that Representative _____________ support original birth certificate access for adult adoptees. I think this is important because ___________.”

Tell them you will be supporting this legislation in the next session and get their office number so you can then send a letter.

We are working very hard, every day, to get the law changed here in Texas. Please help by making phone calls and writing letters.