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Tell Your Senator & Representative To Support Original Birth Certificate Access for Adult Adoptees

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Dear Senator/Representative ___________,

I am writing as a private citizen, your constituent, and member of the Adoption community (how are you connected to adoption can go here) to urge you to grant restoration of access to original birth certificates for adults who were adopted from our state. I believe that, as adults, adopted people should have access to their original birth certificates. This will, in turn provide access to their family medical history and their heritage. I understand that not every adopted person has an interest in this information but I feel it is their basic civil right to have access and not the right of the government to withhold such information.(This is just an idea of what you can write. PLEASE personalize it to fit your story).

(Why you personally support can go here). I have seen the detrimental effects of families keeping secrets and adopted people not knowing their medical histories. Under current law adult adoptees are denied accurate birth information; insurance companies deny benefits/coverage to adopted individuals because they lack family medical history; and adopted people are left in the dark about their genealogy. I feel this is unjust and I ask you, my legislator to show your support for a change in this outdated law. (Please add more or different scenarios that effect you and your family. The more personal the better).

I appreciate your help and ask that you please send me a response letting me know if you support equal access to original birth certificates for Texas-born adult adoptees.

Thank you so much for your time and support of this issue,

You name here